Each brand that I design have a Brand Map with differents types of logos, icons, monograms and some illustrations. These maps are the most effective way to create a successful and memorable brand. I’ve also tailored many custom packages where we’ve been responsible for photography, videography and packaging.

Below is a selection of Brand Maps:

reBranding forla ventanita

Branding forLa Francachela

Branding forterraza Bakery

Branding forvizzeta film director

Branding forChivatos

We wanted to mix the essence of a goat baby, but with a lot of personality and rock!

Photography by erickse

reBranding forawork

A very important jewelry store in the city of Bogota had to have a logo to match. We are inspired by the shapes of emeralds and the artesanal job that reflects how they make their own jewelry.

Photography by erickse

Branding forThe Light House

The perfect mix between of a lighthouse and a barber pole light classic. We want to reflect a classic male barber shop.

Branding forOrbe de Agamotto

Brand inspired by Marvel and DC Comics universe. Orb of Agamotto is a Youtube and Twitch Channel about Comics and Videogames content.

Branding forone pixel

A atemporal brand inspire by pixels and technology.

Branding forLeza

Elegant brand inspired by columns of Greek and lawyer ambient.

ReBranding forDiamtec

Since Spain we design this minimal brand inspired by solid surface acrylic.

ReBranding formaster trader

A important Re Branding inspired by the candles and the graphics of trading.

Branding forMapua

Brand of comfortable and handmade clothing inspired by freedom.

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